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Trump ultimately choseanother ally, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama , as attorney general. Citing anonymous Trump advisers, the Times reported that Trump's inner circle had issues with both Giuliani and Christie -- including the shadow of the George Washington Bridge scandal that has hung over Christie. Christie has been friends for nearly 15 years with Trump, a former Atlantic City casino magnate . And in February, shortly after ending his own bid for the party'spresidential nomination, the governorwas one of the first major Republicans to endorse Trump for the White House -- a decision that was widely ridiculed among many establishment members of the GOP. In May, Trump named Christie the chairman of his transition team and reportedly was close to naming him his running mate. The governor was then reportedto be a top contenderfor attorney general or another Cabinet post. But shortly after his victory in the general election last month, Trump replaced the governor as transition chair and demoted him to one of several vice-chairs. Christie began to assert in public that he planned to remain governor instead of working for Trump in Washington D.C. "For some reason, people think I'm equivocal about this," the governor said during a news event at the Statehouse on Nov. 29. "And I'm not.

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