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"At this point, it's the best thing I can do to salvage my case," Flatoff said. The court ordered public defender Ben Szilagyi to take over Flatoff's defense. Szilagyi, one of the attorneys who Flatoff fired in the weeks leading up to the trial, was serving as standby counsel. Szilagyi called one additional witness and rested his case. The damage already had been done. He conceded to the jury that Flatoff was guilty of 12 of the 14 charges. Public defender Ben Szilagyi gives his closing argument in the Brian T. Flatoff trial.  (Photo: Danny Damiani/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin) After the trial, Szilagyi acknowledged that Flatoff never got to the issues that might have called his guilt into question. "I think there are questions he wants to have answered that are personally important to him, and I think he had a hard time separating those from the questions that the law is going to find relevant to this proceeding," Szilagyi told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. "Maybe those questions are important to have answered, but they're not the kind of questions that are going to persuade the jury that he's not guilty." Deputy District Attorney Scott Ceman recognized the obstacles that Szilagyi faced in taking over Flatoff's defense after 15 witnesses had testified. By then, the jury had watched surveillance video of Flatoff holding hostages and engaging in a gunfight with police.

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