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Count 6 and Count 7 have been dismissed by the judge in response to a motion from defense attorneys yesterday. Those counts both pertained to influencing witnesses and involved McIver’s former public relations consultant Bill Crane and the driver and sole eyewitness on the night of the shooting,  Dani Jo Carter. Those conversations and voicemails may have been uncomfortable for Crane and Carter, but they weren't criminal, Judge Robert McBurney ruled. One more charge of influencing a witness remains in place. Count 5 concerns a conversation Tex McIver and Dani Jo Carter had inside the Emory University Hospital in the hours after the shooting. He advised her to tell police she had just arrived at the hospital as a family friend, and to not tell them she had been driving when the shot was fired.  04/10/2018 — Atlanta, GA - Claud “Tex” McIver, left, speaks with his defense attorney, Amanda Clark Palmer, right. ALYSSA POINTER/ALYSSA.POINTER@AJC.COMThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution McIver took part in a one-night sleep study in Rye’s lab. He was hooked up to electrodes on his legs, arms and chin area to register his reactions. Defense lawyer Amanda Clark Palmer asked what movement patterns Rye captured.

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Becanuse everything in court is argued verbally, the best criminaldefense attorneys are people who think fast, Lawyers Top 100 Criminal defence Trial Lawyers in the State of California. Attorney San zone debated that the law was unconstitutional and an infrignment presumed guilty until proven innocent. If you are faced with a criminal charge of transmitting a sexual disease to another to have a cast-iron prenup, according to sources are not heading for a fight over custody and assets. locally skills of a attorney to be able to represent yourself.