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The prints will be fed into the state Department of Justice’s database, and previous convictions will be reported to the Bar — as well as all future arrests. “If you have an attorney convicted, let’s say of fraud, you would want to know it,” said Leah T. Wilson, the Bar’s executive director, adding that the proposal evolved as Bar starts to “pay more attention to our public protection mission.” For years, the Bar had been counting on attorneys to do the ethical thing and self-report convictions. But here’s how that worked out: During a three-year period recently, at least 32 attorneys were convicted of a felony statewide, according to information the Bar obtained from court records. But only three lawyers came clean with the Bar. Bar officials are still exploring exactly how much they will be able to tell the public about what they learn. Currently, consumers can look up profiles of licensed lawyers online to learn such information as where lawyers were educated and whether they are in good standing. In the future, the Bar may also post “conviction alerts.” Even if convictions don’t end up being posted online, lawyers could be disciplined by the Bar, either for failing to report a conviction to the licensing agency, or for the conviction itself, or for both. The Bar will decide on a case-by-case basis. Not surprisingly, the Bar was flooded with thousands of negative comments from lawyers about the fingerprinting proposal. The estimate of lawyers with possible convictions, announced in a news release issued by the Bar, is based on the percentage of scofflaws the agency that licenses doctors discovered; of course, it could be lower or even higher for lawyers. “Let’s say a lawyer picks up a DUI decades ago,” said Michael Cardoza, a high-powered defense attorney and former prosecutor based in Walnut Creek. “Does that make them a bad lawyer? No.

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