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In the Nov. 25 incident, Glidewell was driving a Toyota Camry on Missouri 165 near Fall Creek Drive when a trooper pulled him over for expired plates. As a result of the stop, the trooper arrested Glidewell for DWI and transported him to the Branson Police Department where he was released to a sober driver. The patrol report also revealed five previous DWIs for Glidewell. The report lists three of those DWIs, one of which was issued by the Highway Patrol in 2003, and two others by the Trenton Police Department in 1988 and 1985. A warrant for the Nov. 25 incident was issued on Dec. 2, according to online court records. The Nov. 30 wreck occurred when Glidewell, who was driving a cement truck, lost control of the vehicle on a curve while driving east on Missouri 76 at the intersection of Lakeshore Drive. His truck hit a Buick Encore head-on, killing the driver of the car, Talat Kopurtas, 34, of Branson. A patrol report said Glidewell, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but was released from the scene to seek medical treatment.

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.>If not handled properly by experienced lawyers, a DWP charge may lead to a revoked driver’s license, exorbitant fines, points on your license and even community service. Frankly, a DWP charge or conviction in Houston, Texas can have serious and life-changing consequences. Confused? N DWP defence Attorney Estelle rood is a Vice-President of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association. Whomever you decide to choose, make sure your DWP attorney is prepared to commit to a full and proper investigation of your case before you decide whether or not to “plea out.” If we are in court or not available, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible - usually the same day.. If you have been arrested for a DWP/GUI in Houston, Texas, you may be thinking some or all of the following: Don’t think the police treated you fairly? I have dedicated my practice to protecting the rights of citizens like you. Because of this, it could be in your best interested to hire a GUI or DWP attorney to help. Being caught driving while your license is suspended for a DWP conviction carries with it very harsh penalties. You May Face Consequences For Not Consenting To A AC Test Many states have what are known as implied consent laws. This additional service will further increase the cost of your policy.

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